Announcing Koordinates’ New Pro User Plan

We’re excited to announce our new entry-level Pro User plan for Koordinates Data Management.


Posted by Ed Corkery
February 19th, 2020

Koordinates Pro User Plan

Following the release of our Team plan in December 2019, we’re excited to launch our new entry-level Pro User plan for Koordinates Data Management. 

With the Pro User plan, anyone can import, fork, publish, and use data on The plan includes up to 3GB raster and 1GB vector storage, with additional data paid for on a metred, per-GB basis.

Geospatial Data Management with the new Pro User plan

As a Koordinates Pro User, you can now import and manage private data, and publish data openly for public reuse. Koordinates is also the most cost-effective way of getting private data into your app with our APIs and tile services.

The Pro User plan, also enables you to fork your own copy of over 15,000 public datasets — and receive updates as they are published at source. During the fork and import process, you can also join two or more vector and tabular datasets to create new data products.

Pro User includes a range of data management functionality that up until now has only been available to our enterprise plans, including: data import from ArcGIS REST API & Amazon S3; detailed permission controls for private or public data sharing; Spatial Query & Admin APIs; WMTS tile services; and a whole lot more. 

To see the full list of features included with our new Pro User plan — and to compare features with our multi-user Team plan — visit our pricing page.

Why we’re launching an entry level data management plan 

Up until now, individual users have needed to commit to building systems in-house or enterprise-grade plans to manage and use geospatial data in their projects. Alternatively, they have needed to use applications that aren’t fit for geospatial data management (such as file sharing services). 

Our customers use Koordinates to showcase broadband availability, unlock key public datasets for tens of thousands of users, and empower data-driven viticulture. These are truly world-leading projects — and with our new pricing, we hope to enable countless more.

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