Announcing the NationalMap Data Service

The NationalMap Data Service was recently launched to the public at the NZ Spatial Excellence Awards


Posted by Matt McGregor
November 21st, 2017


We’re excited to celebrate the launch of the NationalMap Data Service, a new data service on the Koordinates platform.

NationalMap is New Zealand’s premier spatial data and basemaps, providing comprehensive road, address, and location information for display and analysis in all common GIS software platforms.

Steve Critchlow, Managing Director of Critchlow, says that the NationalMap Data Service is the logical next step in the evolution of one of New Zealand’s premier data sources. “Since NationalMap’s beginning over 25 years ago, we’ve made sure that the data it provides is some of the most comprehensive and authoritative data in New Zealand. And I think our long-standing customers are proof of that.”

Working with Koordinates, Steve saw an opportunity to make it easier than ever to access NationalMap data — and expand the reach of NationalMap to a broader range of customers.

“I’d always wanted the NationalMap data to be available at the click of a button. I wanted anyone to be able to access it, regardless of the size of the project or the data needed, and I wanted that data to be as up-to-date as possible and available within a user friendly, well known platform.”

The NationalMap Data Service ensures that NationalMap data is immediately available for users to export in the format and projection of their choice. Data is currently available free or on a ‘pay-per-download’ basis, though subscriptions are in the works.

The NationalMap Data Service is also distributing new New Zealand basemaps. As Steve explains, “these basemaps give users the confidence and assurance they need to know that the data they’re seeing is correct and accurately aligned.”

Data on the NationalMap Data Service is currently updated monthly — with weekly data updates planned in the near future.

For Steve, the Data Service promises to unlock NationalMap data for even more customers. “NationalMap Data Service really does open up our data and basemaps to a whole new market sector. Now anyone can access premium data when they need to and download what they need to. It’s easy, it’s trustworthy. Users are now limited only by their imagination.”

Learn more about NationalMap at, and check out the NationalMap Data Service at