Announcing our new marketing site

We’ve also launched transparent pricing, data guides, and 30-day trials.


Posted by Matt McGregor
October 30th, 2017

Marketing site Oct 2017

We’re excited to formally launch our new marketing site.

The new site represents the latest stage in our growth, following the redesign of our app, the successful migration of customers to our cloud platform, and the launch of our Syndicated Contract with the New Zealand government.

Beyond the refreshed design — credit there to our excellent design and dev duo of Dan Newman and Jacky Lee — the site launch coincides with three major developments for us.

Transparent pricing

First and foremost, we’ve made our pricing transparent, so that potential customers can see exactly what they’re likely to pay from the outset. You’ll note that our pricing is ‘volume-based’, which means that customers only pay for what they use — starting at NZD $79 per month. We hope that this makes it easier for organisations — including smaller organisations and teams — to plan and scale their data publishing.

Data Guides

Alongside our new pricing, we’ve kicked off a new series of ‘Data Guides.’ We’ve published four to begin with, and will continue to add more in the months ahead. Our initial focus has been in government open data, though we’re aiming to publishing guides for additional sectors shortly.

No-obligation trials

Finally, we’ve launched thirty-day no-obligation trials. This means that anyone can try out the functionality of their own data service site. From day 31, customers will pay in arrears for what they use—and nothing else. All you have to do to get started is fill out the form here and we’ll get your trial site up and running.

As ever, if you’re not ready to start a trial but would like to talk to someone from our team, please get in touch.