New License and Site Category Management

We have fully rebuilt and are about to launch our license and site category management functions. This brings improved performance and usability to the platform, and helps you to curate and refine your data in more ways.


Posted by Hamish Campbell
February 23rd, 2022


Manage Licenses

One of the the most important decision data publishers need to make is around licensing. A clear licence determines what can be legally done (and not done) with the data you make available on your site. With Manage Licenses now available in Data Portal v10, you can view, edit and add new custom licenses to your site. Upgraded license management is available now.


Manage Site Categories

Due for immediate release, this allows you to view, edit and add new categories to your data portal. These categories can then be used to browse data and filter search results. The new version of Manage Categories is streamlined and easy to use, with drag-and-drop functionality to easily reorder and nest categories in a tree.