Data Portal v10 nears completion

Progress continues on finalizing UIvX – our next-generation data portal – for wider release.


Posted by Hamish Campbell
December 1st, 2021

History Tab

Progress continues on finalizing UIvX, our next-generation data portal, for wider release. This will be our 10th UI version since 2008. Recently we have added some valuable functionality for you and your users. These updates will make a big difference to how you use the platform.

Our latest additions are:

Map Viewer History - The History option tracks all the map viewers that have been created and allows users to reload historic map viewers. So you can now access your history to easily refer to previously and frequently searched datasets, saving time and repetition

Address search in the Map Viewer - Get straight to the point, literally. On compatible sites (those featuring an address finder) you will be able to enter the specific details and access data for specific addresses and their surrounds, without having to locate and zoom

New data browser filters - The new update improves and elaborates our data filters. One new feature of this is search weighting, including by site home location

Data tables per dataset - Create bespoke, dataset-specific tables for each of your different sets. Eliminate and add relevant parameters to streamline the process of using each one

Site category filter - Cut back on scrolling through datasets that don't contain what you're looking for. With this new feature you have the ability to shift your search focus to look at specific, categorized lists that only show results featuring the items you need. Categories are defined and controlled by the site administrators

Services tab - The services tab informs users on how they can interact with each dataset, with preconfigured URLs for each service available for it. Services currently include WFS, WMTS and Kart

Enhanced Map Viewers - Map Viewers have been improved to include spatial querying as well as access to the underlying data table. Viewers are connected to your Koordinates ID meaning that they persist between sessions improving reusability.

Remember you can already access UIvX through your site, or as Pro users, via to try the new features out for yourself.