Introducing Contextual Help

Today, we’re excited to announce Contextual Help for Koordinates customers.


Posted by Hamish Campbell
October 11th, 2019


Three years ago, we released Koordinates Help, our comprehensive standalone Help site. Since then, the site has been expanded and rewritten several times over, as we’ve grown and improved the platform.

One of the limitations of Koordinates Help — a limitation shared by most documentation sites — is that you have to, well, go to it. And after you got to it, you have to enter your search term. And then you have to click on the help article you’re interested in. 

Today, we’re excited to announce the next iteration of Koordinates Help, which we’re calling Contextual Help. Contextual Help is a widget sitting within Koordinates Data Management which recommends articles tailored to every Data Management URL. 

For example, if you’re at ‘Manage Sources’, Contextual Help will recommend articles on supported data sources, how to set up a source, and how to import data from connected sources. If you’re at ‘Import & Update Data,’ then the widget will recommend articles on supported file formats, import workflows, and how to manually upload data. 

These recommendations are all added manually by Koordinates staff, and will be continually updated as the product grows. 

It’s pretty simple, really — but given the complexities of geospatial data, we believe this will make it easier for new customers to get the most from the platform (and, ultimately, from geospatial data published and shared by our customers).