Introducing Drafts for Geospatial Data

Drafts make it much easier for data managers to check and QA data updates.


Posted by Hamish Campbell
August 1st, 2019

Drafts image

Last week, we announced the release of new Data Management. As I wrote in that post, we built new Data Management to streamline publisher workflows and make it easier for our customers to connect sources, import, check, and ultimately publish their geospatial data.

Now that new Data Management is out in the wild, we thought we’d start introducing some of the Koordinates platform’s key features. Because unless you’re a customer — or an avid reader of Koordinates Help — you probably aren't aware of everything the platform can do. 

To kick this series off, we’re going to focus on a relatively new feature: Drafts.

What are Drafts? Drafts allows customers to perform basic QA checks before publishing their data, including the description, tags, permissions, attribute columns and geographic extent of data (currently via a thumbnail). 

We built Drafts to give customers additional confidence that the right data was being published out to users. 

Drafts are particularly important for managing data updates, as they allow customers to check the published or ‘live’ copy against the new ‘draft’ copy prior to publication. We’ve even built a handy toggle to make this as easy as possible. 

Ultimately, Drafts make it much easier for customers to safely perform QA checks within the Koordinates platform itself. This streamlines the data management and data publishing process, reducing risk and complexity, and enabling publishers to more effectively get data out to their users.