Introducing Koordinates ID

On 2 July, we’re updating our identification system, known as Koordinates ID.


Koordinates ID is the first step towards making it easier to login or sign up to manage an account across multiple sites on the Koordinates platform. These sites include:

This update also sets the foundation for new functionality we'll be introducing into our ID system in the future, such as enabling signup from third-party services like Google, as well as two factor authentication.

We’re excited to be rolling out these updates ahead of more publishers coming on board in the months ahead.

For existing users, the main difference is that we’ve improved the look and feel of the login process, and started to simplify the way you manage your account.

When you login to your account, you’ll notice that we’ve split the email and password fields into two different screens. This means that, if you have an account, you’ll be taken to a separate screen to enter your password. If you don’t have an account, you’ll be taken to a screen asking you to sign up.

We’re introducing this step now so we can better integrate in the future with third party identity management services such as Google Accounts and Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Please note that we’re not rolling out the updated Koordinates ID system to the LINZ Data Service, Ministry of the Environment Data Service and LRIS Portal at present, so there will be no impact on users of these services for now. We'll keep everyone updated ahead of any changes to the ID systems for these services.


Existing users will also notice changes to the look, feel and functionality of their account management dashboard. You can now use your account dashboard to manage your login email, password, and notifications. In the future you’ll also be able to keep track of your activity across all sites on the Koordinates platform.

Wait – who is Koordinates, anyway?

If you came to this post from a site other than, you may be wondering just who and what Koordinates is.

We’re the technology provider behind many different data services. You can read more about us at on our marketing site.

Need help? Get in touch.

Most users shouldn’t notice much of a difference. But if you have any questions about the new ID system, please get in touch.

Note that this post originally announced that Koordinates ID would be updated on 3 July.