Introducing Multi-factor authentication and Okta support for Koordinates ID

Built with OAuth 2.0, the dominant web authentication standard in 2022


Posted by Hamish Campbell
February 23rd, 2022


Koordinates ID was launched in 2016, it has been security audited and is regularly penetration tested. The system is maintained and monitored 24/7 by Koordinates.

We created Koordinates ID to avoid government customers having to build and fund maintenance of authentication systems. These often need to include access for the public and employees of private companies, and can bring problems of overheads, security and privacy risks, and inter-organisational challenges. From a users perspective, many can be frustrated with the range of authentications required to perform their daily work. Koordinates ID is architected around OAuth 2.0, the dominant web authentication standard in 2022.

Multi-factor Authentication Support

You can now configure your phone authenticator app to provide an extra layer of security in Koordinates ID, and generate and print backup codes if you have problems with your phone app.

OKTA Support

Portal customers can now use their Okta instance to manage access for their domain users. If you're managing your organisation identities within Okta you can require your staff to login with your Okta instead of creating separate accounts.

It has been improved to solve one of the more common problems in GIS. This is high repeat use of work email addresses and high bounce rates when those addresses are deactivated if the employee moves elsewhere.