Introducing our new marketing site

We’re really excited to announce the recent marketing site launch for Koordinates.


Over the last few years users have seen the app straight away when visiting and while that can be useful for existing users, it’s often jarring for new users who need more context about Koordinates. As we enter a new phase with more publishers and users coming on board, we decided it was time to give the world a simple overview of everything we offer.

We noticed via our analytics that one of the things users do first (unsurprisingly) is search for data, especially if they’re a returning visitor, so we’ve kept that front and centre, along with a handy link to ‘Browse Koordinates’. Users that want to get straight to the data can enter a term in the search box (or use the browse link), and be taken straight to the app. However, if you are already logged in and visit, you can still access the marketing site by selecting the “More” menu in the top navigation bar and choose “About”. While we’re keen to help everyone understand what Koordinates can do for them, we don’t want it to stand in the way of existing users, that generally stay logged in, publishing and accessing data.

Traditionally, enterprise SaaS sites can be complicated and have many, many pages of content with complex navigation. We were determined to keep things simple, yet have enough information to answer the many questions people have about Koordinates when they’re interested in trying out the product.

Based on feedback and research about our different audiences, we’ve organised information about our features into sections on finding data, publishing data, managing data privately and developing applications on the platform. There’s also high level information on our pricing structure and details about our leadership team. In addition, we’ve updated the blog so you’ll see that has a new design to match as well.

The marketing site sets a new design direction for Koordinates and is a taste of what’s to come as we begin to tackle the application itself. Over the next few months, you’ll see updates to the platform in preparation for expansion both in our home market of New Zealand and offshore.

We’ll be iterating and evolving the site so we’d love to know what you think. You can let us know on Twitter or get in touch via our contact page.

Finally, we’d also like to thank the talented (and very tolerant) Nick de Jardine from Grafik who worked with us on both the design and development of the site.