Introducing Tim Denee, Senior Designer

Tim is helping Koordinates make it easier to publish, share and use geospatial data in a collaborative way.


Posted by Matt McGregor
September 17th, 2018


Hi, I’m Tim Denee, and I’ve recently joined Koordinates as a product designer. I’ll be helping to craft a considered user-friendly experience in everything we do.

As a product designer, I’m keen to understand the actual people who use Koordinates, and from there to design, prototype and iterate our way to a better experience. There are some really exciting things planned at Koordinates — we can’t say much more at this stage, but I’ve hit the ground running and can’t wait to see these ideas realised.

I’ve been working in interactive and design roles for about fifteen years. I started as a Flash developer (rest in peace Flash) and for the last seven years I’ve been the senior designer as an interactive design agency. In that time I’ve designed all sorts of websites, apps, products, and interactive experiences. The common through-line in this diverse range of work has always been user-centred design, focussed on understanding the audience and designing for them, above all else. What I love most in a successful design is clarity and purpose.

For the past few years I’ve been working with geographer Chris McDowall on a book visualising New Zealand through data, published with Massey University Press (keep an eye out in 2019!). Since Chris brought me on board as a designer, I’ve learnt a tonne about cartography, data visualisation, and how to concisely and clearly tell complex data stories.

And that’s why I’m excited to be here at Koordinates: I believe in the importance of making spatial data easier to publish, share, and use in a collaborative way. Opening up data has such diverse benefits, including everything from helping businesses and boosting the economy through to giving us as individuals a deeper and more personal understanding of our communities, cities, country, and world.

Outside of Koordinates you’re likely to find me walking my dog around the South Coast, reading a book in the hammock, or (most likely) chipping away the book with Chris - finishing a book is a marathon!