Koordinates QGIS Kart Plugin is now available

Allowing for direct Kart integration, get ready to unlock the full potential of QGIS


Posted by Hamish Campbell
February 23rd, 2022


Our Kart plugin for QGIS is now available from the QGIS Plugin Manager. This powerful plugin adds support for version control of vector datasets within QGIS and enables a range of powerful workflows for advanced desktop users.

Inclusion of the plugin allows direct Kart integration into QGIS, a mature, fully featured open source desktop GIS. QGIS is a widely used GIS application with a large plugin ecosystem for extending it’s in-built capabilities.

  • Full change history available directly from the desktop
  • Create branches, make edits, apply upstream changes and push changes back to their hosted locations, from within the QGIS user interface
  • Repo creation and dataset addition
  • Commit-push workflow
  • Upstream updates workflow
  • Spatial filtering in Kart


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