Latest Data Portal v10 updates

Two new features have been built in to enhance your v10 experience


Posted by Hamish Campbell
February 16th, 2022


Progress continues the latest version of our next-generation data portal for wider release. This will be our tenth UI portal version since 2008. Recently we have added some valuable functionality for you and your users. These updates will make a big difference to how you use the platform.

Top navigation menus v10

Manage the homepage of your data portal to present datasets to users. Administrators can manage their homepage and site navigation to present datasets to users in an attractive and engaging way.

The intent behind this is to enable a homepage for publisher sites. Publishers can feature individual datasets, and selections of datasets, to contextualize and promote their offerings to consumers of data. Publishers can set their homepages to automatically feature recently updated and recently popular datasets.


WFS Changeset v10

Improvements have been made to simplify access to dataset delta changesets within the Koordinates user interface. The Koordinates WFS Changeset API provides programmatic access to incremental data update feeds.

Our updated UI makes it easier to generate and download changesets in multiple formats directly from the browser. Users can see the summary of changes for datasets through their entire update history, select revision ranges and formats, and copy URLs to use in 3rd party applications and workflows.


MapInfo Interchange Format (MIF) Import / Export support

Koordinates already supports MapInfo's more common TAB format, so this upgrade improves interoperability for additional MapInfo files. Koordinates now supports single-geometry MIF files for import and export, with all the expected cropping and re-projection functionality.

The MIF file contains information about the projection and contains the data that is needed to draw the map features (point, line or polygon) on the map. In most cases the MIF file also needs a MID file that contains the data attributes, but this file isn’t mandatory. A complete MIF dataset contains more information about the map feature.

MIF files can be opened in the following applications:

  • Mapinfo
  • Arcgis
  • QGIS
  • Tableau Software


Paid Seat users can already access the Data Portal v10 experience via the Manage Data area of your existing data portal.