Latest Desktop App release (v0.9)

Performance upgrades to enhance and improve speed and usability


Posted by Hamish Campbell
November 29th, 2021


The latest version of our Desktop App has been released. This represents major improvements to the App and is the culmination of three months of development. We have have implemented several performance upgrades to enhance and improve its speed and usability.

Features included in the v0.9 App include:

Multi-remote handling - Create, push and pull from multiple connect remote locations for a single repository

Better cloning behaviour – Get a size estimate before you clone, then customise where your clones are saved

Improved UI navigation and display – Responsive sheets, toggles for side panels, and general speed improvements. The UI of the app is aligned to UIvX promoting immediate familiarity

Numerous layout improvements - Including a collapsible local repo list and brand new navigation

Map viewer enhancements - You can now open data tables for cloud-hosted layers (and data history in the dataset sheet views). Map viewers are synchronized through your Koordinates ID, meaning you are able to view the same map viewers with the same content in both the app and your Koordinates site

Built-in Kart - The App also has the latest version of Kart embedded to further enhance CLI functions, allowing the user to apply the full range of karts capabilities to locally managed repositories.

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