LINZ, MfE and Landcare Research are migrating to the cloud

Migrating to the cloud makes these sites easier to maintain, upgrade and scale.


Posted by Matt McGregor
June 19th, 2017

User migrations

Later this year, the LINZ Data Service, the MfE Data Service and the LRIS Portal from Landcare Research will all be migrating to the Koordinates cloud platform.

While Koordinates has always provided the technology used by these sites, they have been on-premise installations. By migrating to a cloud installation, these sites will be easier to maintain and upgrade, and more readily ‘scaleable’ should agencies wish to publish more data. There are also likely to be noticeable performance improvements.

For the most part, this will all be happening behind the scenes. However, as part of the migration, we — along with the agencies involved — are asking users to opt-in to Koordinates ID.

Koordinates ID is a single sign-on service for all sites on the Koordinates platform. With Koordinates ID, users will be able to access any site on the platform, without needing to manage multiple passwords. This includes sites from the NZ Defence Force, Environment Canterbury and Stats NZ.

The opt-in process will involve users verifying their email (if it hasn’t been verified in the past) and giving Koordinates permission to migrate their account to their Koordinates ID. If users don’t have an existing Koordinates ID, they will be asked to create a new password to use with this account.

By agreeing to migrate their account from the specific agency, users are also accepting the Koordinates Terms of Use.

After giving Koordinates permission to migrate their account, users will be able to use their Koordinates ID to log in to any public site on the Koordinates platform. Any account information, including download history and API tokens, will not be affected by the migration.

We hope that this make it easier for users to access multiple data service sites across the platform. We know that many users of the LINZ Data Service (for example) are also users of the LRIS Portal, or the Stats NZ Data Service, and that professionals are always happy to reduce the friction experienced when accessing data from multiple sources.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch at We’ve also put together a list of FAQs, which you can read at our Help site.