New notifications and navigation updates on

We’re updating the navigation to work on mobile devices and introducing new notifications on

navigation updates

Following up from our last release, we’re excited to announce more changes, this time to the main navigation and notifications on


From our design research we discovered a few challenges with the old navigation and for the last few months have been testing some improvements.

The first of these improvements is to make more of the app responsive for mobiles and tablets. This has meant several changes, such as making buttons and menus easier to tap on touch screens, increasing and decreasing font sizes where appropriate and simplifying the interface so common tasks can be completed on smaller devices.

One of the main changes to the navigation is to the ‘download & order’ button. We’ve replaced that with a much simpler ‘export’ button which takes you to our new export options. Next to this is now your ‘collection’—formerly known as the ‘cart’—which when selected lists the data you’ve added. And to better suit the workflows of users, we've moved the ‘crop’ symbol from the top menu into the map itself. 

You can still find everything else you need in a few handy menus to the right of the search field. If you’re not logged in you can see ‘about’ and ’help’ that have useful links to information about Koordinates, support documentation and ways to contact us. If you are logged in, instead of seeing ‘login’ and ‘sign up’ you’ll see your username and a new notification icon.


Another change you’ll notice in the update to the navigation is the new ‘notification’ icon. You’ll find this next to your username when you are logged in.

In this first iteration, notifications includes some of your activity in the app and will be highlighted when your exports are ready. If your export is being prepared, you’ll see a small animation to show that it’s processing. If you select the icon you’ll be taken to a list of your exports.

We’ve been testing new ways to improve how we notify people about their exports and updates to data. In future releases we’ll be adding to the notifications to include more of your activity on the platform.


When you select the new notification icon, you’ll see that we’ve also updated the appearance of your list of previous exports. Each previous export has a summary of the items, projection and format chosen. These improvements also make it easier to access or check the status of your exports on mobile or tablet devices.

We’ll continue to iterate these new designs, and release updates in the coming weeks so we’d love to know what you think. Let us know on Twitter or get in touch via our contact page.