Our product team’s plans for 2018

After a successful 2017, our product team is looking forward to some exciting projects in the year ahead.


Posted by Hamish Campbell
January 15th, 2018

New Koordinates Homepage

2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Koordinates. We’ve got a growing team, some great customers coming on board, and big plans for our product in the year ahead. To give our users a sense of what’s on the horizon, we thought we’d introduce two major projects currently keeping our product team busy.

But before I get to that, I thought I’d take a quick look at what we did in 2017.

2017 in review

2017 was a big year for Koordinates. The first part of the year was dominated by the ongoing redesign of We’d officially launched the new user interface at the end of 2016, and throughout 2017 we continued to test and iterate to make it as easy as possible for users to find and access data.

While this work continued, our engineering team successfully migrated our on-premise customers to the cloud. This was a massive behind-the-scenes effort, and we’re extremely proud of how seamless this process was for our customers.

Other projects include:

  • The Data Gateway, which allows a customer data service to securely integrate with internal network resources.

  • A new homepage, to give users a better experience when they arrive at sites on the Koordinates platform.

  • Support for the ‘4.0’ suite of Creative Commons licenses.

  • Support for Digital Object Identifiers, which are important for research data citations.

  • New feeds to support metadata harvesters, such as CKAN, to improve the discoverability of the data we hold.

  • Support for importing and updating data directly from Amazon S3 buckets.

The year concluded with the release of the the first parts of our new ‘Administration’ application, initially focusing on helping site admins view exports and manage data sources.

The Koordinates product in 2018

Looking forward to the year ahead, we’re incredibly excited to be able to focus our efforts on moving our product forward. While we have plenty of smaller projects in the pipeline, there are two main projects that are going to be the initial focus of our product team.

First and foremost, we are rapidly moving forward on work to completely overhaul the administration side of our product, to make it much easier for site owners and data admins to publish, share, and manage their data.

Second, we're working on some significant innovations to (again) revolutionise how data is surfaced, even when the data lives in different locations. We know that this is going to be an important feature before our users, and we look forward to releasing more details in the months ahead.