Sno, our new open source tool for distributed data versioning

Sno brings the distributed, version-controlled workflows of software development to geospatial and tabular data.


Posted by Rob Coup
March 4th, 2020

Sno Launch Image

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new distributed data versioning tool, Sno, as an open source project.

We’ve built Sno to bring the distributed, version-controlled workflows of modern software development to geospatial and tabular data. 

Sno is built on Git, and works like Git, using standard Git repositories and Git-like CLI commands. If you’re familiar with Git and comfortable with CLI commands, then you may find Sno useful from this first release.

You can learn more about Sno at its homepage, Sno.Earth. There, you’ll find a rundown of Sno’s main features, our feature roadmap, and download links for Mac, Linux, and Windows (coming soon), as well as a link to the code in Github. 

Why release Sno as Open Source? 

We think Sno will make it much easier for folks editing data using their desktop software (such as QGIS, ArcGIS, and FME) to collaborate. In the future, Sno will be an important part of the Koordinates platform, enabling our customers to easily sync data between their desktop and the cloud. 

We’re also releasing Sno as a genuine contribution to the open source community. Koordinates is, in many ways, built on the shoulders of many incredible open source projects, and we’ve made a point of supporting our team to contribute to these projects. While it’s early days, we believe Sno will make an important contribution to the world of open source geospatial software.

And, finally, we’re hoping other developers will find the project interesting and want to improve and extend Sno to meet their own requirements.

Sno and Koordinates Data Management

Sno is not yet connected to Koordinates Data Management, though we expect to have some exciting announcements to make on that front in the months ahead! If you want to stay in the loop, sign up to our Product Announcement email list