We have a new homepage on Koordinates

Today, we’re excited to launch a new homepage.

New Koordinates Homepage

The new homepage features a quick way to start searching for data, highlights your recently viewed data (when logged in), lists regions that have data near you, displays recently updated data, and shows authoritative sources of data published on the platform.

This work is part of a broader project to improve what we launched in 2016. Following on from our earlier design research, we’ve continued to incorporate lots of great feedback and found some obvious areas for us to improve.

If you’re not familiar with Koordinates and are visiting for the first time (or not logged in), we were previously redirecting users to our ‘about’ page. This was intended to help answer common questions people have about the site, data, and platform; however that was not always what everybody needed. 

We think the new homepage will make it much easier for users to access the data they need, particularly data from their region, and data they recently viewed. It will also make it much easier for Google and other search engines to see what new data has been published, along with data that has been recently updated. You can still find out more about Koordinates from the help menu and via the ‘Learn More’ links.

In greater detail, some of the changes to the homepage are:

Recently Viewed

If you’re logged in with your Koordinates ID and have viewed data on Koordinates, we’ll show a ‘Recently Viewed’ panel under the search to help you get back to data you have looked at.

Featured Data

We’ll be looking for interesting and new data on the platform and presenting that on the homepage.

Explore Regions

This panel makes it easier to get to data from areas near you. Using your location (country) and depending on what data is available, we display a list of areas to explore.

Recently Updated

The ‘Recently Updated’ panel shows data from sources near your location that have been recently updated or published.

Explore Sources

The final panel shows authoritative sources of data published on the platform near your location.

We hope you find the new homepage useful and an improvement to finding data on Koordinates.

What’s Next?

We’ve got lots more improvements coming so we’d love to know what you think. If we haven’t yet talked to you about how you use Koordinates or one of the other Data Services on the platform, let us know on Twitter or get in touch via our contact page.