We believe Earth is our greatest asset, which is why we are transforming how Earth’s data is published and used.

Governments, private companies and researchers around the world manage vast amounts of valuable data about our planet. But to find this data, professionals have to scour multiple internal and public sources, with no easy way to appraise, crop and export data in the formats they need.

Our cloud-based platform processes large, complex spatial datasets, ensuring that professionals can get the data they need for the projects that shape our planet – all in one place.

Our platform enables organisations to publish their open data, share their private data, and build new products using out-of-the-box APIs.

For publishers and users around the world, the potential is enormous. In fact, we believe that unlocking Earth’s data is the secret to redefining our economic, environmental and social prosperity.



Ed Corkery

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO and co-founder of Koordinates, Ed manages the strategic direction and leads our enterprise sales efforts.

Ed has extensive experience working with geospatial data — from the freight industry in the late 1990s, to the science and geospatial sectors in the 2000s. Ed is a firm advocate for the potential of geospatial data to transform our society, economy and environment.


Rob Coup

Chief Technology Officer

Technical founder and lead software architect behind

Rob heads the development team, as well as managing the Edinburgh office of Koordinates. Rob has over 15 years developing geospatial technologies, and is a pioneer of now-standard features of mapping applications, such as pinpointing and highlighting.


Hamish Campbell

Product Manager

As Product Manager, Hamish is responsible for driving our product development.

With a background in engineering, spatial data and software development, Hamish oversees the product team and manages the development of new features.


Anne Harper

Business Development Manager

Anne leads New Zealand Business Development and heads up our Customer Experience team.

Chair of the Spatial Industry Business Association (SIBA), Anne is a highly respected leader in the spatial industry, with over a decade experience in spatial analysis, marketing and customer experience.


Debbie Haddon

GM Finance

Debbie is our GM Finance, and is responsible for the numbers behind the Koordinates business.

Debbie is a Chartered Accountant (CA) with hands on experience in the financial systems and reporting tech companies need to be successful. With prior experience at Rightway, Debbie knows the operational excellence and financial discipline needed to achieve milestones and ultimately deliver on the big mission.


Tim Denee

Senior Designer

As Senior Designer, Tim’s job is to make sure everything we release is intuitive and user-friendly.

Tim is an experienced designer who has worked across a range of disciplines, including cartography, interactive design, illustration, art direction, and graphic design.



Ken Bado

Former Executive Vice President of Sales and Services at Autodesk, the world’s leading software company for Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.

Ken advises on strategy and partnerships in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) and CAD sectors, and the US market.


Linda Hecht

Former Chief Marketing Officer of Esri, the world's largest privately held geospatial software company.

Linda led marketing and business development for Esri from the mid 1980’s through 2015, and advises on strategy and partnerships in the geospatial sector worldwide.


Darryl Robinson

Chief Financial Officer for cybersecurity company RedShield, former CFO at Vend, and the former GM Finance at Xero.

Darryl has a wealth of experience in fast growing New Zealand technology companies, and advises on our financial strategy.