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Historic Aerial Photos, Survey Footprints, CROWN (1936-2005)

  • Added 05 Sep 2011
  • Updated 19 Apr 2018

This layer has been provided to enable potential users to identify the coverage of photography for Mainland NZ flown on behalf of the Crown between 1936 and 2005. It shows the extent of each aerial survey undertaken. The Historic Aerial Photos, Photo Footprints (1936-2005) layer shows the extent of each photograph in the survey.

See The Crown historic aerial photo archive scanning project for information about the scanning project.

The original data used to create this layer was compiled prior to 2000 and it is possible that some errors exist in the data fields. If you are aware of any inaccuracies, please contact LINZ: or +64 4 4600110.

How to Access Photos:

The Collection exists as photographic negatives (most are not in digital form) so the images are not downloadable from the LDS.

Scanned photos from the partner regions may be viewed and downloaded from Retrolens.

The Crown Aerial Film Negative Collection is managed for LINZ by WSP Opus International.

You can are order images from the Collection from Opus NZ in a number of formats, including:

  • contact prints
  • enlargements
  • digital files
  • precision scans for photogrammetric production
  • orthophotos

You will need to tell Opus NZ the survey number (the value in the ‘SURVEY’ attribute) covering your area of interest.

Opus NZ will be able to provide information about the cost of providing images in the various formats. Contact them at: or 0800 680 690

There are a small number of images held in the Collection that have not been referenced in the LDS layers due to incomplete metadata. Opus NZ will be able to let you know if additional photographs are available in your area of interest.

There are also a large number of images which previously belonged to New Zealand Aerial Mapping and which are now are available for public use. Historic Aerial Photos, Survey Footprints, NZAM (1939-2008) shows the extent of each survey undertaken. You can order these photos by contacting Opus NZ.


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

You may use this work for commercial purposes.

You must attribute the creator in your own works.


TagsAerial, New Zealand, Historic, Survey
RegionsNew Zealand
MetadataDublin Core, ISO 19115/19139

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Added5 Sep 2011
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