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Kaikoura Earthquake 0.2m Aerial Photos (2016)

  • Added 08 Dec 2016
  • Updated 19 Apr 2018

Orthophotography of State Highway 1 taken in response to the Kaikoura Earthquake 2016.

The aerial photography was acquired for the NZ Transport Agency on 14 November 2016.

The aerial photography was captured for the NZ Transport Agency by AAM NZ Limited, 6 Ossian St, NAPIER, New Zealand.

Data comprises:

1169 ortho-rectified RGB GeoTIFF images in NZTM projection, tiled into the LINZ Standard 1:1,000 tile layout.

Tile layout in NZTM projection containing relevant information.

The supplied imagery is in terms of New Zealand Transverse Mercator (NZTM) map projection. The products are tiled into NZTopo50 1:1,000 tiles.

Please refer to the supplied tile layout shape file for specific details, naming conventions, etc.

Imagery supplied as 20cm pixel resolution (0.2m GSD), 3-band (RGB) uncompressed GeoTIFF.

The final spatial accuracy is still to be determined..

Index tiles for this dataset are available as layer Kaikoura Earthquake 0.2m Aerial Photos Index Tiles (2016)


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

You may use this work for commercial purposes.

You must attribute the creator in your own works.


RegionsKaikoura Township
MetadataISO 19115/19139, Dublin Core

Technical Details

Layer ID 53529
Data type Image/Raster
Resolution 0.200m
Services Catalog Service (CS-W), Atom Feed


Added8 Dec 2016
Last updated4 Jan 2017
Revisions 11 - Browse all revisions
Current revision Imported on Jan. 4, 2017 in NZGD2000 / New Zealand Transverse Mercator 2000.
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