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Allentown, Pennsylvania Census Tracts with Population (2010)

City of Allentown, Pennsylvania
  • Added 03 May 2019


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Technical Details

Layer ID 100673
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 26
Attributes Vacant_Units, Hispanic_Latino, SUMLEV, Hispanic_Latino_Householder, White, Vacant_Unit_For_Sale, Occupied_Units, Renter_Occupied, American_Indian, Two_or_More_Races, Asian_Alone, Total_Housing_Units, Other_Race_Alone, NAME10, Native_Hawaiian_Pacific_Islander, Black_African_American, COUNTY, STATE, Vacant_Units_for_Rent, GEOID, Total_Population, NAMELSAD10, Owner_Occupied, TRACT, BLKGRP
Services Vector Query API

Added 3 May 2019 ago
Last checked 4 Mar 2021 ago
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