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Brazoria County, Texas Street Name

Brazoria County, Texas
  • Added 07 May 2019


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RegionsBrazoria County

Technical Details

Layer ID 100834
Data type Vector multilinestring
Feature count 33491 (incl. 1 with empty or null geometries)
Attributes St_PreSep, ToAddr_R, Country_R, STATE_L, SM_Flag, PostComm_R, RCL_NGUID, St_PreMod, LSt_PosDir, EXCHANGE_R, EXCHANGE_L, Local_UID, FromAddr_L, COUNTY_L, SHIELD_NUM, PostCode_R, Notes2, PostComm_L, St_PosDir, St_PosMod, Country_L, PostCode_L, ToAddr_L, Notes1, STATE_R, NbrhdCom_R, CR_DATETIME, Entity_L, UnincCom_L, SHIELD, St_PreTyp, LSt_Type, SOURCE, Entity_R, OneWay, IncMuni_L, NbrhdCom_L, FromAddr_R, SP_USERNAME, USERNAME, AT_USERNAME, PARITY_R, MSAGComm_R, Alias2, St_PreDir, Alias1, IncMuni_R, AT_DATETIME, LSt_PreDir, COUNTY_R, RoadClass, FULL_NAME, STLength, St_PosTyp, LANES, PARITY_L, MSAGComm_L, GC_Exception, LSt_Name, SP_DATETIME, UnincCom_R, ESN_R, BOUND, F_ZLEV, T_ZLEV, SpeedLimit, AuthAgency, ESN_L, CR_USERNAME, StreetName
Services Vector Query API

Added 7 May 2019 ago
Last checked 7 Oct 2021 ago
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