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City of New York Streets and Address Ranges — LION

City of New York
  • Added 08 May 2019


RegionsNew York

Technical Details

Layer ID 101250
Data type Vector linestring
Feature count 226777
Attributes Active_Flag, LGC8, LGC9, SplitSchl, LGC2, LGC3, LGC1, LGC6, SAFStreetCode, LGC4, LGC5, NodeLevelF, GenericID, SanDistInd, NodeIDFrom, ToLeft, RCT2010, NodeLevelT, ArcCenterY, ArcCenterX, Twisted, Number_Park_Lanes, RATOMICPOLYGON, LCB2000Suf, LCB2010Suf, IncExFlag, MapTo, LBoro, PhysicalID, LSubSect, NonPed, RBlockFaceID, RHi_Hyphen, R_CD, StreetWidth_Irr, RCT2000, FDNYID, SAFStreetName, RCT1990Suf, LegacyID, YFrom, RCB2010, LGC7, Shape_Length, ToRight, BOE_LGC, FromRight, YTo, Number_Total_Lanes, RCT2000Suf, Radius, RSubSect, RCT2010Suf, SegCount, LCB2010, LocStatus, TrafSrc, RElectDist, LCT1990, LHi_Hyphen, StreetWidth, POSTED_SPEED, Status, SpecAddr, BIKE_TRAFDIR, RW_TYPE, LCB2000, BoroBndry, Snow_Priority, ROW_Type, LSchlDist, LAssmDist, LZip, RB_Layer, StreetCode, RCT1990, XFrom, LCT2010, RCB2010Suf, SegmentID, SeqNum, BikeLane, RCB2000, RSchlDist, RZip, XTo, SplitElect, LBlockFaceID, LCT2010Suf, LLo_Hyphen, Carto_Display_Level, FCC, StreetWidth_Max, LCT2000, MapFrom, RLo_Hyphen, LCT1990Suf, LCT2000Suf, NYPDID, Join_ID, SegmentTyp, FromLeft, L_CD, NodeIDTo, FeatureTyp, LATOMICPOLYGON, CurveFlag, FaceCode, RAssmDist, RCB2000Suf, RBoro, MH_RI_Flag, Number_Travel_Lanes, ConParity, Street, TrafDir, LElectDist
Services Vector Query API


Added8 May 2019
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Current revision Imported on May 8, 2019 from Esri JSON in NAD83 / New York Long Island (ftUS).
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