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Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Signs

Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
  • Added 10 May 2019



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RegionsMilwaukee, Franklin

Technical Details

Layer ID 101626
Data type Vector point
Feature count 3803 (incl. 3 with empty or null geometries)
Attributes Style, Manufacture_Year, created_user, Sheeting_Type, last_edited_date, Status, Sheeting_Color, Height_in, Pole_Attachment_ID, Sign_Type, Sign_Identifier, Condition, Facing_Direction, Mount_Type, Message_Material, Managed_By, Supplemental_Materials, Last_Editor, Comment, Width_in, Sheeting_Base_Material, Install_Date, Last_Update_Date, Asset_Identifier, Text, Owned_By, Distance_to_Top_of_Pole, last_edited_user, created_date
Services Vector Query API

Added 10 May 2019 ago
Last checked 11 Oct 2021 ago
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