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City of San Francisco, California Existing Wireless Facilities

City of San Francisco, California
  • Added 14 May 2019



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RegionsSan Francisco

Technical Details

Layer ID 101784
Data type Vector point
Feature count 1030 (incl. 3 with empty or null geometries)
Attributes Preference_1-7, Radio_Frequency_Range_Megahertz, Comments, Power_Output_of_Equipment_Watts, Lot, Zoning_District, Hight_and_Bulk_District, Location_of_BTS, Height_to_Top_of_Antenna, Phone_Number_of_Community_Liason, LONG, Block, Address, Type_of_Building, Search_Ring_Name_ID, Carrier, Type_of_Technology, Type_of_Consumer_Products, ID, Number_of_Antennas, Type_of_Consumer_Services, Name_of_Community_Liason, LAT
Services Vector Query API

Added 14 May 2019 ago
Last checked 13 Dec 2021 ago
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