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Denver, Colorado Comprehensive Citywide Impervious Surfaces

City and County of Denver, Colorado
  • Added 15 May 2019

The purpose of this layer is to provide an accurate representation of impervious surfaces in the City and County of Denver. This layer combines Stormwater Billing impervious surfaces with Planimetric impervious surfaces; allowing for a comprehensive, city-wide, impervious surface layer.This layer is a compilation of two independent sources of impervious surface data. The data is provided by both the City and County of Denver’s Public Works Wastewater Management Division-Customer Service (WMD-CS) and Kucera International Inc.The WMD-CS data represents areas digitized for all stormwater billing inspections after December 2002 and contains impervious surface delineations of each inspected property. These features are updated daily by WMD-CS field investigators and GIS personnel. The planimetric data, supplied by Kucera International Inc, defines the stereocompiled features of the DRCOG Denver Region Urbanized Project Area. The features were compiled from the Denver Regional Aerial Photography Project (DRAPP) 2016 Aerial Imagery Acquisition and Production. This 1"=100' scale imagery is comprised of 4-band RGBIR color orthoimagery with a GSD (Ground Sample Distance) of 0.5'. Imagery was collected with the Leica ADS40 and ADS80 digital sensors and processed with Leica XPro software. Imagery is projected in State Plane Coordinate System, Colorado central zone using the Lambert Conformal Conic map projection parameters. Horizontal and vertical datums are NAD83(11) and NAVD88(GEOID12A) respectively. The planimetric features are static.


Tagsimpervious-surface, location, structure
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MetadataFGDC CSDGM, Dublin Core

Technical Details

Layer ID 101893
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 926451 (incl. 2 with empty or null geometries)
Services Vector Query API


Added 15 May 2019 ago
Last checked 4 Mar 2021 ago
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