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Denver, Colorado Metropolitan Districts

City and County of Denver, Colorado
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Metro Districts are formed by:1. Approval by City Council of the district's service plan, which is the document that governs the district's actions;2. A petition signed by 30% or 200 of the electors of the District, whichever is less is approved by the District court and an election is ordered; and3. Approval of the District by the electors within the District.Subareas within the District may be formed.C. Governance.A metropolitan district is governed by a five member board of directors. A director must be an "elector" of such district, defined as a person who, at the time, is registered to vote in the State and: (I) who has been a resident of the district for not less than thirty days; or (II) who, or whose spouse, owns taxable real or personal property situated within the boundaries of the district, whether said person resides within the district or not. There is no City appointment. The board is responsible for the administration of the district, annual budgeting and levying of taxes,rates, and charges sufficient to pay operating costs and debt service of the district.D. Powers.1. Common Powers. All special districts have the following powers:a. To have a perpetual existence;b. To have and use a corporate seal;c. To sue and be sued;d. To enter into contracts and agreements affecting the affairs of the special district;e. To borrow money and incur indebtedness and to issue notes or issue bonds evidencing suchindebtedness;f. To acquire, sell and lease property;g. To manage, control and supervise all the business and affairs of the special district, including allconstruction, operation and maintenance of special district improvements;h. To fix, charge and collect fees, rates, tolls, penalties or charges for services, programs or facilitiesfurnished by the special district.i. To furnish services and facilities outside the boundaries of the special district.j. To adopt, amend, and enforce bylaws and rules and regulations for carrying on the business, objectsand affairs of the special district.2. Additional Powers Depending Upon Type of District:a. Metropolitan Districts: In addition to the common powers, metropolitan districts have the following powers: to enter into contracts with public utilities and municipalities for street lighting service;to erect and maintain traffic and safety controls and devices, providing fire protection, parks or recreation, water or water and sanitation service;


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