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Polk County, Iowa Signs

Polk County, Iowa
  • Added 22 May 2019



RegionsPolk County

Technical Details

Layer ID 102364
Data type Vector point
Feature count 7034 (incl. 160 with empty or null geometries)
Attributes SupportLength_unit, UserList5, SpeedZone, HasBeacon, Custodian, DistanceAhead_unit, CurrentAttachmentID, CurrentInspectionID, TodaysRating, SupportID, Origin, Region, UserList2, UserList3, Complexity, UserList1, UserList6, UserList7, UserList4, RouteBack, X, TravelDir, PositionName, RouteAhead, TodaysOCI, Reflectorization, ActualText, District, Ordinance, PredictionGroup, Illumnination, DistanceBack_unit, MapColumn, NodeBack, SizeWidth_unit, Description1, Direction, MUTCDCode, Replaced, TodaysBackgroundRa, PlacedInService, Retired, DistanceBack, NOAAStation, TodaysConditionNotes, SupportSize, DistanceAhead, v4TravelDirection, QuarterSection, SizeHeight, SizeHeight_unit, MountingHeight, StateName, Offset, TravelDirection, USRange, Post, UserDate2, UserDate1, Tier, LockDuringRecalcs, BackingMaterial, Z, SpeedZone_unit, SupportType, HOUSENUM, SegmentID, NodeAhead, Jurisdiction, MountingKit, County, Marker, ReplaceBefore, STREETNAME, City, DGPS, IsBreakaway, UserNumber1, ConditionGroup, UserNumber2, ReadableTravelDir, SizeWidth, MountingHeight_unit, Post_unit, SurfaceType, MaintenanceMethod, EntryDate, Township, SheetingMaterial, HasFlags, Offset_unit, BaseType, cgLastModified, SiteID, Y, ID, SupportLength, Marker_unit, TodaysLegendRa, LocateUsing, USSection
Services Vector Query API


Added22 May 2019
Revisions 1 - Browse all revisions
Current revision Imported on May 22, 2019 from Esri JSON in NAD83 / Iowa South (ft US). 160 geometries modified to be OGC compliant. Changelog.
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