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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Campgrounds

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
  • Added 18 Aug 2016
  • Updated 30 Aug 2018


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RegionsLivingston-New Willard
MetadataDublin Core

Technical Details

Layer ID 10275
Data type Vector point
Feature count 8
Attributes Source_Name, Degree_Minute_Second_X_West, Decimal_Degrees_X_West, Comments, Campground_Name, Park_Code, Property_Number, Degree_Decimal_Minutes_X_West, Historic, Source_Date, Source_Scale, Last_Edit, UTM_X_Easting, UTM_Zone, Decimal_Degrees_Y_North, Source_Type, Range, Last_Editor, Degree_Minute_Second_Y_North, Campsite_Classification, Degree_Decimal_Minutes_Y_North, UTM_Y_Northing, Campsite_Access, Source_Origin, Data_Entry_Person, Park_Name, Data_Entry_Date
Services Vector Query API


Added 18 Aug 2016 ago
Last checked 1 Sep 2018 ago
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