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Arkansas Parcel Centroids

State of Arkansas
  • Added 31 May 2019



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Technical Details

Layer ID 102908
Data type Vector point
Feature count 1908342
Attributes comment, edit_date, edit_src, ph_rd_num, assess_dat, county_id, ph_cty_nm, ph_add, calc_acre, parcel_lgl, schl_code, begin_date, end_date, ph_suf_dir, src_desc, ow_name, s_t_r, ow_add, ow_src_dat, type, acre_area, srce_date, land_val, nbhd, ph_rd_typ, ph_pre_dir, imp_val, assess_val, globalid, ph_zip, parcel_id, ph_st_nm, ph_rd_nam, total_val, source_ref
Services Vector Query API

Added 31 May 2019 ago
Last checked 18 Jul 2022 ago
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