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Fayette, Kentucky Neighborhood Association

City of Lexington, Kentucky
  • Added 31 May 2019



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Technical Details

Layer ID 102968
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 220
Attributes Second_Contact_Addr, Primary_Contact_Ph_Work, Primary_Contact_Addr, STLength, Website, Second_Contact_Name, Sub_Area, STArea, Primary_Contact_Zip, Active, Second_Contact_Ph_Work, Second_Contact_Zip, Notes, Primary_Contact_Email, Census_Tract, Second_Contact_Ph_Cell, GISID, Primary_Contact_Name, Second_Contact_Ph_Home, ID, Council, Primary_Contact_Ph_Cell, Assoc_Name, Second_Contact_Email, Primary_Contact_Ph_Home
Services Vector Query API

Added 31 May 2019 ago
Last checked 19 May 2022 ago
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