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Gloucester County, New Jersey Preserved Farms

Gloucester County, New Jersey
  • Added 14 Jun 2019



RegionsGloucester County

Technical Details

Layer ID 103215
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 433
Attributes Last_Yr_MunTax, Owner_Name, WO, Facility_Name, Epl_Owner, Exmpt1_Value, Map_Page, Bldg, PAMSPIN, DATASOURCE, Acct_Num, Sale_Book, Lot_Size, SurvSp, Net_Value, Seniors, Further_Filing_Date, Curr_Yr_Tax, UpdCd, Disabled, Sale_Nu, New_AddLots, Bldg_Desc, MACRES, NOTES, F0Join, PAMS_PIN, Bank_Cd, Location, SOURCEDATE, BLOCK, Type_Use, EXEMPT1, Finbsmt, OLD_UNIQUEID, Sale_Date, Basement, Class, HBLOCK, Sp_Tax_Cd2, Sp_Tax_Cd1, PCODE, OLOT, Number_Of_Owners, Shape_Length, HADD, SSN, Initial_Filing_Date, Widows, Style, Duplicate, Lot_Desc, MUN, BLOCKTRIM, Update_Date, Zone, MAPSHTNO, Vets, OTHER1, OTHER2, OTHER3, SP_SF, Owner_Csz, LEADLOT, Deduction_Amount, Last_Yr_Tax, Exmpt1_Cd, Impr_Value, HNUM, QUAL, Sf_Area, Error, Exmpt2_Cd, X_UID, Owner_Street, QUALTRIM, Additional_Lots2, UNIQUEID, MCODE, LOT, Old_Block, Exmpt2_Value, CACRES, Sale_Price, New_Record, OBLOCK, Epl_Desc, STATUS, Statute, Sale_Page, HLOT, Land_Value, IMAGEFILE, User_Field2, User_Field1, VCS, Old_Lot, New_RecordLeadLot, LOTTRIM, Curr_Yr_MunTax, Epl_Use, Year_Built, EXEMPT2, Partial_Asmt, Neigh, Additional_Lots, Old_Qual
Services Vector Query API


Added14 Jun 2019
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Current revision Imported on June 13, 2019 from Esri JSON in Popular Visualisation CRS / Mercator (deprecated). 1 geometry modified to be OGC compliant. Changelog.
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