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New Orleans Conditional Land Use

City of New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Added 25 Jun 2019
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RegionsLittle Woods

Technical Details

Layer ID 103317
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 1187
Attributes Zoning_Description, Zoning_Number, created_user, Zoning_Year, last_edited_date, SHAPE_Length, HYPERLINK, Last_Update_Date, Ordinance_Number_3, Zoning_Classification, created_date, Zoning_Number_4, Ordinance_Number_4, Zoning_Number_3, Last_Editor, Rec_Number, Ordinance_Number_1, Ordinance_Number_2, Zoning_Number_2, Zoning_Year_4, Zoning_Year_1, Zoning_Year_3, Zoning_Number_1, Zoning_Year_2, Rec_Number_3, Rec_Number_2, Rec_Number_1, Rec_Number_4, Ordinance_Number, last_edited_user
Services Vector Query API


Added25 Jun 2019
Revisions 1 - Browse all revisions
Current revision Imported on June 25, 2019 from Esri JSON in WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator. 2 geometries modified to be OGC compliant. Changelog.
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