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Bexar County, Texas Census Tracts

Bexar County, Texas
  • Added 23 Aug 2016
  • Updated 29 Aug 2018

A census tract is a geographic region defined for the purpose of taking a census.Usually these coincide with the limits of cities, townsor other administrative areas and several tracts commonly exist within a county. In unincorporated areasof the United States these are often arbitrary, except for coinciding with political lines.In the United States, census tracts are subdivided into block groupsand census blocks. According to the U.S. Census Bureau: Census tracts are designed to be relatively homogeneous units with respect to population characteristics, economic status, and living conditions, census tracts average about 4,000 inhabitants.

© U.S. Census ( Note: This dataset was obtain by dissolving the 2010 Redistricting Blocks (Tract field).
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RegionsBexar County

Technical Details

Layer ID 10378
Data type Vector polygon
Feature count 366
Attributes STLength, SUM_POPULATION, STArea, TRACT
Services Vector Query API


Added 23 Aug 2016 ago
Last checked 5 Sep 2018 ago
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