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  • Added 14 Oct 2021
  • Updated 21 Nov 2021

++Please Note++__
WGS 84 = GDA94 service

This dataset has a spatial reference of [WGS 84 = GDA94] and can NOT be easily consumed into GDA2020 environments. A similar service with a ‘multiCRS’ suffix is available which can support GDA2020, GDA94 and WGS84 = GDA2020 environments. In due course, and allowing time for user feedback and testing, it is intended that these original services will adopt the new multiCRS functionally.

A route across an inland water feature or the sea used by a vessel for the regular transport of vehicles or passengers from one terminal point to another. This line feature dataset is part of the Foundation Spatial data Framework Transport Theme.
Where possible, line geometries of the vehicular ferry dataset align to the topographic and cadastral databases.

Data in ferry Route includes:

· Vehicular Ferry


RegionsNew South Wales, Swan Hill

Technical Details

Layer ID 106286
Data type Vector linestring
Feature count 17
Primary key TopoID
Attributes TopoID, createdate, objectmoddate, featuremoddate, ClassSubtype, featurereliabilitydate, attributereliabilitydate, capturesourcecode, capturemethodcode, planimetricaccuracy, verticalaccuracy, OperationalStatus, generalnameoid, generalname, alternativelabel, relevance, startdate, enddate, lastupdate, msoid, centroidid, shapeuuid, changetype, processstate, urbanity, shape_Length,
Services Vector Query API, Web Feature Service (WFS)


Added14 Oct 2021
Revisions 4 - Browse all revisions
Current revision Imported on Oct. 14, 2021 in WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator.
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