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City of Chesapeake, Virginia Parcels

City of Chesapeake, Virginia
  • Added 09 Jun 2022
  • Updated 11 Aug 2022


CategoryCadastral & Property
Tagsparcels, property, va, virginia
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Technical Details

Layer ID 108383
Data type Vector polygon
Feature count 92341
Attributes Calculated_Acreage, Parcel_Number, Map_Parcel_Number, Control_Number, Owner, Full_Address, Zip_code, Unit, Project, Property_Class, Assessment_District, Legal_Description, Purchase_Date, Deed_Book, Deed_Page, Sale_Price, Map_Book_Page, Mailing_Care_Of, Mailing_Address, Mailing_City, Mailing_State, Mailing_Zip, Assessment_Building, Assessment_Land, Assessment_Total, STArea, STLength
Services Vector Query API

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