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  • Added 10 Jun 2022
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Description: These data were originally developed and designed for Rhode Island Enhanced 9-1-1 (RI E 9-1-1) purposes only. These data represents every known building or structure in the state of Rhode Island. These data include, both addressed and unaddressed structures including occupied and unoccupied structures.

Copyright Text: URI EDC, RIGIS; AK Associates. Icon Credit: Creative Stall via The Noun Project


CategoryCadastral & Property
Tagsaddresses, geocoding, 911, nextgen911, ems, rhode island
Copyright Copyright may apply. Please check the source for more information.
RegionsRhode Island

Technical Details

Layer ID 108437
Data type Vector point
Feature count 413440
Attributes OBJECTID, DateUpdate, Site_GUID, Site_Type, Add_Full, AddNumFull, AddNum_Pre, Add_Number, AddNum_Suf, St_Full, St_PreMod, St_PreDir, St_PreTyp, St_Name, St_PosType, St_PosDir, St_PosMod, MSAGComm, Emergency_Service_Number, State, Post_Code, Country, St_Alias1, St_Alias2, St_Alias3, St_Alias4, St_Alias5, Comments,
Services Vector Query API

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