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State of Rhode Island Roads

State of Rhode Island
  • Added 10 Jun 2022

Description: These data were originally developed and designed for Rhode Island Enhanced 9-1-1 purposes only. These data contain street center lines and address ranges for all highways, roads, and streets for the entire state of Rhode Island. AK Associates conflated this data from the existing road data developed by MicroDATA GIS, RI DOT, 2008 Pictometry and data provided by Municipal Agencies for Rhode Island Enhanced 9-1-1 (RI E-911).

Copyright Text: RI E-911, MicroDATA GIS, and AK Associates


CategoryTransportation > Roads & Highways
Tagsrhode island, nextgen911, 911, ems, e911, streets, transportation
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RegionsRhode Island

Technical Details

Layer ID 108438
Data type Vector multilinestring
Feature count 68284
Attributes Shape_STLe, DateUpdate, RCL_GUID, FromAddr_L, ToAddr_L, FromAddr_R, ToAddr_R, St_Full, St_PreMod, St_PreDir, St_PreTyp, St_Name, St_PosTyp, St_PosDir, St_PosMod, MSAGComm_L, MSAGComm_R, ESN_L, ESN_R, State_L, State_R, PostCode_L, PostCode_R, Country_L, Country_R, St_RouteNo, St_Alias1, St_Alias2, St_Alias3, St_Alias4, St_Alias5, St_Alias6, St_Class, SrfceType, Oneway, SpeedLimit, Shape_Length,
Services Vector Query API

Added 10 Jun 2022 ago
Last checked 29 Jun 2022 ago
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