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Grant County, Arkansas Parcels

Grant County, Arkansas
  • Added 17 Jun 2022


CategoryCadastral & Property
Tagsparcels, ownership, cadastre
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RegionsGrant County

Technical Details

Layer ID 108860
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 15689 (incl. 2 with empty or null geometries)
Attributes Parcel_Id, Acres, Editors_Initials, Date_Edited, Source, Comments, type, SplitDate, AreaDifference, Tot_Val, SketchID, PhotoID, OBJECTID_1, PN, PID, OWNNAM, SNUM, SNUMS, SDIR, SSTR, SSTP, SUN, SUS, SCTY, SST, SZ, SCHD, ACR, TIM, SEC, TWP, RNG, LT, BL, SD, LGL, LAT, LNG, OPN, PTP, XMPT, CVK, PVK, TRND, LSC, TOPHL, TOPRF, CONC, ASPH, CG, GRA, DIRT, UTWA, UTSW, UTGA, UTEL, UTPH, LSKY, NBHC, MKTA, LLSRC, PNK2, SD2, OBJECTID_2, PNK, ASYR, CMET, HS, OVR65, DIS, BY, HSFL, HSFI, HSNL, HSNI, HSNE, HSBV, HSPV, HSINC, HSCAPI, HSEF, NHSFL, NHSFI, NHSNL, NHSNI, NHSNE, NHSBV, NHSPV, NHSINC, NHSCI, NHSE, VALKY2, Tot_Val_3, OBJECTID_3, NAM, City, SEC_1, TWP_1, RNG_1, TRND_1, LSC_1, TOPHL_1, TOPRF_1, CONC_1, ASPH_1, CG_1, GRA_1, DIRT_1, UTWA_1, UTSW_1, UTGA_1, UTEL_1, UTPH_1, POANumber, Developer, PlatDate, PlatBook, PlatPage, SDKY2, OBJECTID_4, Parcel, ImpNum, DocNum, DocType, Photo_PID, Sketch_PID, Photo_link, OBJECTID_5, Parcel_1, ImpNum_1, DocNum_1, DocType_1, Photo_PI_1, Sketch_P_1, Sketch_Link, STArea, STLength
Services Vector Query API

Added 17 Jun 2022 ago
Last checked 16 Jun 2022 ago
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