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Poinsett County, Arkansas Addresses

Poinsett County, Arkansas
  • Added 28 Jun 2022
  • Updated 04 Aug 2022


CategoryCadastral & Property
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RegionsPoinsett County

Technical Details

Layer ID 109270
Data type Vector point
Feature count 7842 (incl. 2 with empty or null geometries)
Attributes Firstname, Lastname, MapIndex, ESN, Directions, Edit, adr_num, adr_num_su, adr_bldg, adr_unit_t, adr_unit_i, pre_dir, PSTR_NAM, pstr_type, psuf_dir, pstr_mod, pstr_fulna, adr_place, adr_muni, adr_city, adr_zip5, adr_zip4, adr_zip9, cnty_name, adr_state, adr_label, adr_box_ty, adr_box_id, adr_boxgr, adr_boxgr1, adr_box_lb, lon_x, lat_y, fea_typ, date_ed, Ed_IN, Comments, New_Const, Phone_Number
Services Vector Query API

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