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Osceola County, Florida Parcels

Osceola County, Florida
  • Added 05 Jul 2022
  • Updated 15 Aug 2022


CategoryCadastral & Property
Tagsparcels, cadastre, ownership
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RegionsOsceola County

Technical Details

Layer ID 109424
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 190909 (incl. 3 with empty or null geometries)
Attributes PARCELID, PIN, Strap, Dsp_strap, sec, twnshp, Range, Sub, Blk, Lot, SubName, StreetName, StreetNumber, StreetPfx, StreetSfx, StreetSfxDir, LocCity, LocZip, CondoUnit, CondoComplex, Owner1, Owner2, Owner3, BillingAddress, BillingAddress2, BillingAddress3, City, State, Zip, Country, Zone1, Census, DORCode, DORDesc, YearBuilt, EffYr, TotalAcres, GrossBldArea, BldCode, BuildType, BldCode2, BuildType2, BldCode3, BuildType3, FinArea, NumofBuilding, LivUnits, Bedrooms, Fullbaths, HalfBaths, OtherFixtures, Kitchens, FirePlaces, HeatType, BasementArea, FinBasementArea, RoofType, RoofCover, ExtWall, IntWall, AttachedGarage, DetachedGarage, Pool, Frame, Floor, BaseYear, Grade, Quality, ORBkPg, SaleDate, SalePrice, NAL, NALCode, Q_U, Grantor, Stamps, SoldAsVacant, Instrument, PrevORBkPg, PrevSaleDate, PrevSalePrice, PrevNal, PrevNALCode, PrevGrantor, PrevStamps, PrevSoldAsVacant, PrevInstr, LegalDescShort, JurisdictionalCode, JurisDesc, BuildFactor, Land1DOR, Land1DORDesc, Land1Units, Land1FF, Land1Depth, Land1UnitType, Land1UnitTypeDesc, Land1UBPrice, Land2DOR, Land2DORDesc, Land2Units, Land2FF, Land2Depth, Land2UnitType, Land2UnitTypeDesc, Land2UBPrice, Land3DOR, Land3DORDesc, Land3Units, Land3FF, Land3Depth, Land3UnitType, Land3UnitTypeDesc, Land3UBPrice, XFOB1Type, XFOB1Desc, XFOB1Size, XFOB1Year, XFOB2Type, XFOB2Desc, XFOB2Size, XFOB2Year, XFOB3Type, XFOB3Desc, XFOB3Size, XFOB3Year, Comment, Exemptions, Exemption1Code, Exemption1Desc, Exemption1Amt, Exemption2Code, Exemption2Desc, Exemption2Amt, Exemption3Code, Exemption3Desc, Exemption3Amt, AssessedValue, CurrLand, CurrAgCredit, CurrBldg, CurrXFOB, CurrJust, CurrExemptions, EstimatedTaxable, LatestPrevYr, RollType, PrevFullLand, PrevAgCredit, PrevLandLessAg, PrevBldg, PrevXFOB, PrevAssessedTotal, PrevExemptions, PrevTaxable, DistGroup, NumofUnits, LastUpdateDate, StoryHeight, PrevQ_U
Services Vector Query API, Web Feature Service (WFS)

Last updated 15 Aug 2022 ago
Last checked 18 Jul 2022 ago
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