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Fairfield County, Ohio Hydrants

Fairfield County, Ohio
  • Added 29 Aug 2022


CategoryUtilities & Communications
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RegionsViolet, Columbus

Technical Details

Layer ID 110268
Data type Vector point
Feature count 1715 (incl. 1 with empty or null geometries)
Attributes Facility_Identifier, Install_Date, Location_Description, Rotation, Manufacturer, Operable, Last_Service_Date, Enabled, Active_Flag, Owned_By, Managed_By, Last_Update_Date, Last_Editor, Hydrant_Configuration, Alert_Type, Incident, MAPREF, Depth_of_Bury, Size, Flow_Rate_GPM, AncillaryRole, Legacy_ID, Water_Type, Data_Source, Project_Number, Lifecycle_Status, Subtype_Code, Elevation, Nozzle_Diameter_1, Nozzle_Diameter_2, Nozzle_Diameter_3, Nozzle_Diameter_4, Seat_Diameter, Last_Flushed_Date, Comments, Barrel_Diameter, MODREF, MODDATE, GlobalID,
Services Vector Query API, Web Feature Service (WFS)

Added 29 Aug 2022 ago
Last checked 29 Aug 2022 ago
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