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Blair County, Pennsylvania Addresses

State of Pennsylvania
  • Added 06 Sep 2022



CategoryCadastral & Property
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RegionsBlair County

Technical Details

Layer ID 110313
Data type Vector point
Feature count 66652
Attributes STRU_NUM, Site_NGUID, AddNum_Pre, Add_Number, AddNum_Suf, SubAddType, SUBADR_NUM, FullHseNum, St_PreMod, St_PreDir, St_PreTyp, St_PreSep, St_Name, St_PosTyp, St_PosDir, St_PosMod, StreetFull, FirstLine, Post_Comm, State, Post_Code, Post_Code4, LastLine, Place_Type, Addtl_Loc, LandmkName, Country, County, Inc_Muni, Uninc_Comm, Nbrhd_Comm, ESN, Long, Lat, Elev, TaxAuth, PIN, POADDR
Services Vector Query API, Web Feature Service (WFS)

Added 6 Sep 2022 ago
Last checked 24 Aug 2022 ago
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