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The National Census of Ferry Operators (NCFO) Routes dataset was compiled on October 31, 2019 from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) and is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT)/Bureau of Transportation Statistics’ (BTS') National Transportation Atlas Database (NTAD). The Ferry Routes dataset represents all ferry routes that were surveyed in the 2018 National Census of Ferry Operators. Areas covered by the dataset include the 50 states as well as the territories of Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Island, and American Samoa. Each segment in the dataset connects to two terminals from the Ferry Terminals dataset, describing the route ferries travel between them. Route geometries were determined using GPS points from Automatic Identification System data, as well existing government datasets from the Census Bureau, the US Geological Survey, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, and the US Army Corps of Engineers.


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Technical Details

Layer ID 110448
Data type Vector linestring
Feature count 1004
Attributes operator_id, operator_name, segment_id, segment_name, seg_length, average_trip_time, segment_season_start, segment_season_end, trips_per_year, route_rates_regulated, route_rate_regulator, most_used_vessel_id, vessel1_id, vessel2_id, vessel3_id, vessel4_id, vessel5_id, vessel6_id, vessel7_id, vessel8_id, vessel9_id, vessel10_id, vessel11_id, vessel12_id, vessel13_id, vessel14_id, vessel15_id, vessel16_id, vessel17_id, passengers, vehicles, avg_daily_brd_pax, avg_daily_brd_veh, census_year, seg_terminal1_id, seg_terminal2_id, seg_terminal1_state, seg_terminal2_state, start_msa, end_msa, urban, num_vessels, trip_purpose_commuter_transit, trip_purpose_pleasure, trip_purpose_emergency, trip_purpose_roadway_conn, trip_purpose_lifeline, trip_purpose_nps, trip_purpose_other, official_geom, STLength
Services Vector Query API, Web Feature Service (WFS)

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