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State Food Insecurity - Household food insecurity (%, three-year average), 2007-09*
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{"definition": "Prevalence of household-level food insecurity by State. Food-insecure households were unable, at times during the year, to provide adequate food for one or more household members because the household lacked money and other resources for food. For most food-insecure households, inadequacy was in quality and variety of foods; for about a third\u2014those with very low food security\u2014amounts were also inadequate.", "availableYears": "2007-09 (aggregate data)", "name": "Household food insecurity (%, three-year average), 2007-09*", "units": "Percent", "shortName": "FOODINSEC_07_09", "geographicLevel": "State", "dataSources": "ERS estimates using 3 years of data from the Current Population Survey Food Security Supplement, as reported in Table 5 in Coleman-Jensen, Alisha, Mark Nord, and Anita Singh, Household Food Security in the United States in 2012, ERR-155, USDA/ERS, September 2013 ( The food security survey asks one adult respondent in each household a series of questions about experiences and behaviors that indicate food insecurity. The food security status of the household was assessed based on the number of food-insecure conditions reported (such as being unable to afford balanced meals, cutting the size of meals because of too little money for food, or being hungry because of too little money for food). Note: margins of error are substantial for some States; comparisons between States should take into consideration margins of error published in the source report."}

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