NZ Traffic Lights


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05 Aug 2009

This dataset was first added to Koordinates on 05 Aug 2009.

Roy Chan


File contains 1,100 traffic lights all around NZ but mostly around larger cities and towns.

For more information on background of project please have a look here.

rc aka as rcmaps from NZ Open GPS Project started the ball rolling collecting traffic lights and soon after members of the project contributed data from all over NZ.

These points do not represent actual location of traffic lights but are very close, I chose to place these right in the middle of intersections for mapping purposes hence they could be several meters out as in reality most traffic lights are placed physically at the side of roads etc.


Data should be accurate during period of collection around September 2008 to Dec 2008
As interest in this project tapered off around Dec 08, no further updates or additions have been made to this file
Use this at your own risk


Roy Chan and members of NZ Open GPS Project

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Rick Houghton

There are a few signal location missing from the chc data. Do you require coords of those I have added to my copy?

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Sam Giffney

This is an open source project, all help would surely be appreciated. See

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