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NZ Cadastral Parcel Polygons (Dec 11)

Ollivier & Co
  • Added 19 Oct 2009
  • Updated 25 Oct 2016

Survey parcel polygons for whole of NZ + Chatham Islands.

Parcel polygons are a space filling layer covering the whole of New Zealand out to the 12 nautical mile limit. All areas are covered and numbered with a static unique parcel ID (PAR_ID). Thus roads, lakes, rivers and the sea are all parcels.

The LINZ data has multi-part polygons, they are now multipart in this version. There are 6,689 multi-part parcels comprising of 16,548 parts out of 2,458,035 total. It is easy to explode into single part for those people that need them.

Parcels have a featurecode that classifies them into high level groups. Not all parcels have a parcel appellation (eg Lot 3 DP 12345), for example vested roads.

The appellation is in a separate table, but has been joined to the parcel polygons as a single field called legal which also has the official parcel area. If it has a tilde (~) then it is the measured area. If the area is different from the official area then the official area is wrong (20% are ridiculous).

Parcels do not have addresses (only the property that has a dwelling is usually allocated an address. and even then a third are not numbered in the valuation roll).

See also: Parcel Boundaries, Parcel Labels, NZ Address Locations

Attributes: PAR_ID, FEATCODE,LEGAL Source LINZ BDE December 2011


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand

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CategoryCadastral & Property
Tagscadastral, parcel
RegionsNew Zealand

Technical Details

Layer ID 1236
Data type Vector polygon
Feature count 2477527
Services Vector Query API, Web Feature Service (WFS)


Added19 Oct 2009
Last updated19 Oct 2009
Revisions 7 - Browse all revisions
Current revision Imported on Dec. 22, 2011 from 12 Shapefile sources in NZGD2000 / New Zealand Transverse Mercator 2000.
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