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Glacier National Park - Administration/Boundaries - Wilderness

US National Park Service
  • Added 28 Sep 2016

Areas managed as WILDERNESSwithin Glacier National Park. This mapping was compiled in 2014, implementing NPS Director's Order 41 (2013), which provides guidelines to NPS units for delineating wilderness boundaries. The two main criteria provided by DO-41 are that boundaries 1) must be easily identifiable on the ground, and 2) standard boundary setbacks from roads, paved or unpaved, should be 100-feet either side of centerline. Included in this mapping are areas EXCLUDED from wilderness, which generally fall within 100-feet of road centerline or are part of the park's Visitor Service Zone (GMP, 1999). Additional areas categorized as 'Excluded from wilderness' include lands designated as part of the Visitor Service Zone (VSZ), documented in the GLAC Commercial Serices Plan (2004). Developed area footprints were mapped and then buffered 300-feet. Utility corridors and point locations were mapped and buffered 25-feet. Also, large lakes with existing commercial services were included in the VSZ and thus were categorized as Excluded.POTENTIAL WILDERNESS AREAS (PWA) are the 3rd map class; these lands are currently in private ownership, providing access to private ownership, or are small fragmented areas (i.e. not easily identified on the ground and difficult to manage as wilderness due to size and surrounding land uses) between areas excluded from wilderness (e.g. utility corridors and lands between utility corridors and other excluded areas).Chronology of edits:Begin edits 11/8/13 to implement DO-41. Update layer March 4, 2014 - create version 3 with the following edits - based on 3/3/14 meeting with GLAC Leadership Team (Kym Hall):1. Camas Cr patrol cabin, include 100-ft buffer of cabin + 100-ft buffer of roadway from Inside Rd.2. Bowman CG area: extend 'excluded' area from admin road to creek edge to accommodate admin road/trail (to bridge) not yet mapped. Also inlcude 100-ft buffered trail and 100-ft buffered buildings due east of bridge. 3. Kintla CG - same changes as Bowman, using standard 100-ft buffer of road/cabins4. Belly River enclave is added to the data set.-----------Update layer January 24, 2014 with these edits:1. Add Marias Pass 'excluded' area; 100-ft buffer of RR turnaround.2. Extend HQ area 'excluded' polygon to river /park bdy3. Create Dev Area footprints for Road Camp & Packer's Roost; buffer 300-ft and add to 'excluded'.----------Update layer January 13, 2014 with these edits:1. Bowman CG - add admin road missed, 2. Walton - remove exclusion area between road buffer and boundary, and 3. Swiftcurrent - include Swiftcurrent+Josephine Lakes as excluded, plus bump-out areas for boat storage and creek used to ferry supplies from Swift. Lake to Josephine Lake.---------Update layer April 15-18, 2014 with these additions/edits:1. Create developed area for Apgar Lookout; buffer 300-ft.2. Create developed area for 1913 Ranger Station (St Mary); buffer 300-ft.3. Add 2 monitoring wells in St Mary Flats (foot of lake south of GTSR); buffer 25-ft and connect to 'excluded area' polygon4. Add water source point for Many Glacier winter cabin (north of MG road near hotel jct; buffer 25-ft and add to 'excluded area' polygon5. Buffer McCarthy Homestead structures 100-ft and add to Excluded Area polygon for Inside North Fork Rd6. Buffer Ford Creek cabin structures 100-ft and add to Excluded Area polygon for Inside North Fork Rd7. Buffer Baring Crek cabin structures 100-ft and add to Excluded Area polygon Going to the Sun Rd8. Add to Excluded Area a strip of land 60-ft south of the International Boundary (per 1974 Wilderness proposal & MOU with GLAC and Int'l Boundary Comm).---------Updated layer 5/27/2014 - add approx. 2 acres to 'Excluded fro mWilderness' near the St Mary River bridge along GTSR. This sliver of land was included to utilize the river bank as a visible and distinguishable boundary in the field.

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